Home Based Care

HLHS team visits the homes of HIV patients on regular basis who are in need of proper medical services. The team conducts medical check-up for the patients, provides them nutritional food and medicine, educating them the proper way of taking care of themselves. The picture shows the senior member of the HLHS Dr. Myint Maw and his team visiting one of homes of the patient and providing health services.

Distribution of Nutritional Foods

HLHS staff are educating and distributing nutritional foods for the HIV infected people every month on regular basis. Such activity aims to improve their life style and dietary requirements of the patients in Myanmar.


HLHS staff provides counselling service to the HIV patients. The counselling service covers health, emotion, relationships and the quality of life of the patients by listening carefully and give them proper advice to overcome the problems.

Reception of Donors

HLHS participated in a stage show to express their gratitude to the donors and actors who took part in HIV campaign in Myanmar.